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Is your brain relaxed

When talking about relaxation, most people would refer to their body. However, their brain has the ability to be in a relaxed state too – as well as in the opposite and more stressful state. And when we monitor the individual brainwave activity, these states become quite apparent to us.

The brain is the control centre of the body and when it operates in a dynamic, balanced and harmonious mode, we enjoy optimal performance and mental and physical well-being.

We would like that our brain would always function in an optimal mode. However, at times we are exposed to trauma and chronic stress and we find ourselves "stuck" in these unbalanced states.

Why does it become difficult or even impossible for our brain to free itself and return to balance? Because the brain's innate ability to self-regulate is only increased sufficiently during a state of deeper relaxation - and this state can be very difficult to reach.

Brainwave Optimization® is a method that helps the brain to reach this deeply relaxed state.

How Does It Work

Your brainwaves are continuously monitored and recorded by sensors placed on your head. These brainwaves are converted to music-like tones being sent back to you via headphones.

Thus the brain is given the option to observe it self in this sound-based mirror in real-time. It recognizes its own brainwave patterns, begins to resonate with them and enters a deep state of relaxation and flexibility from where it will adjust itself to a natural and more balanced state.

Brainwave Optimization® is thus achieved through deep relaxation and self-regulation in a natural, non-invasive way - from your brain, by your brain and for your brain.

What is Brainwave Optimization®

Brainwave Optimization® (BWO) is a safe, non-invasive, individualized method based on advanced computerized technology that allows the brain to:

Brainwave Optimization® uses proprietary precision measurement devices and sophisticated software-algorithms to produce a high-resolution 'acoustical mirror' of the brain’s activity.

Let us be clear. We are NOT providing bio- or neurofeedback to our clients. No external signals are used to instruct the brain. The brain frequencies are simply monitored and translated into proprietary engineered sounds. Headphones are then used to provide an ongoing real-time reflection of the unique, individual brainwave activity.

The brain observes and resonates with itself and enters a deep state of relaxation and flexibility. Then it begins to release accumulated stress and free itself from stuck patterns on its own terms through a natural process of self-regulation.

We do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness. We simply facilitate our clients in an individualized process that allows the brain to increase its own natural ability to self-regulate and self-opimize.


"I dont know where to start... but so many improvements has happened since my Brainwave Optimization. After 8 years of torment! .. I have completely given up making the record we talked about, because I have no symptoms anymore. . it is so overwhelming and I surely feel like when the cows are at pasture during spring .. MANY THANKS Jesper! "
OBS! Read Tanjas detailed descriptions of her BWO-experience here.

Tanja Weimar 42, Pedagogue, disabled by the after-effects of a concussion.

"After my Brainwave Optimization I sleep through like a newborn baby. My sleep is just so good! - And I feel better than ever before. Jesper is super professional and the BWO-process still is and has in many ways been a fantastic journey for me... I use the B-2 regulary now and I haven't really had any sleep problems since I started on it. I have apart from my sleep challenges quite unexpectedly experienced an improvement of my general condition and in ways and areas of my life that I would not have expected at all.

Jan Johansen, 46, Teacher, Residential Social Worker.

"I am incredibly grateful for the Brainwave Optimization sessions I have had with Jesper and for what the process has done for me both on a short term, but certainly also seen in a long term perspective. The method is unique and its impact and effectiveness is quite remarkable as it so strangely worked on me completely outside of my conscious will ... the whole process and the psycich stuff that surfaced in me ...and it is important for me to say that it happened in a non- threatening good and constructive way - is to me so wunderful and the method has completely taken me by surprise "

Mette Bach Larsen, 42, Family therapist


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