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HOW THE BRAINTELLECT 2 (B-2) WORKSAn overview of the core technology that allows your brain to listen to its own activity and self-optimise.

The B-2

Fast track your way to Optimal Well-being

The BRAINtellect® 2 (B-2) is a self-use head wearable device supporting brainwave optimization.

With B-2, our 100% individualized head wearable device, you can now optimize two of the most important areas of your brain in the comfort zone of your own home.

The benefits of B-2

The B-2 may actually be used as a home-optimizing device without subsequent BWO sessions. This will be a step forward in the right direction and of benefit to anyone, who wants to use the B-2 in this way, for relaxation, better stress-management and to improve sleep.

However, it is important to understand that the B-2 only monitors 4 points related to two of the most important areas of the brain. The BWO sessions however, make it possible to monitor as many as 64 points related to all areas of the brain. So the B-2 is not designed to replace the need for BWO sessions that of course will have a longer-reaching significance.

Our recommendation

We recommend use of the B-2 together with BWO sessions.

By combining our core technology, Brainwave Optimization® with the B-2 self-use head wearable device, your brain is allowed to optimize itself in the most efficient way. You will also achieve greater flexibility and freedom to decide how and when to schedule your BWO sessions. We are always available to guide you, to let you choose exactly that solution that will match best to your needs, time schedule and circumstances.

B-2 start-up packages

We offer you a choice between 3 different B-2 start-up packages to accommodate your individual needs and time schedules.

You will receive a promotional discount, when you buy a B-2 start-up package with us, and we will guide you to a solution that best suits your needs.

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BRAINtellect® 2

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