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What Happens During my Brainwave Optimization

Brainwave Optimization® (BWO) begins with an evaluation of your particular brainwave patterns. We call this part of the BWO process, a Brainwave Evaluation.

The recorded data is processed in our computer and the software creates an overview of the unique and individual landscape of your brainwaves. This is compared with information from questionnaires that you have filled in. We generate a report that we analyze and we determine a strategy for organizing your Brainwave Optimization Sessions.

During these BWO sessions your brainwaves are monitored from selected placements and translated into proprietary engineered sounds that are transmitted back to you via headphones.

While listening to this "music" of your own brain, the software designs allow your brain to "mirror" it self in real-time. It will listen, resonate and enter a deep state of relaxation and flexibility in brain rhythms, and begin to self-optimize by its own inner ability for self-regulation.

It will begin to create new desirable neural pathways in order to improve its own function. Ultimately, your BWO sessions will help you and your brain to function in a natural, dynamic and optimized state of balance and harmony.

How many BWO Sessions do I need

We usually recommend that you begin with a Brainwave Optimization Foundation series composed of 1 Brainwave Evaluation + 7 BWO Sessions extending over a 4 – 5 day period.

However, depending on your requirements you may choose from the following options:

By combining our core technology, Brainwave Optimization® with the B-2 head wearable device your brain is allowed to optimize itself in the most efficient way. By regular use of the B-2 at home, you can further help your brain to relax and maximize the benefits of your BWO-process - before, during, and after your BWO sessions.

If you choose a combination of BWO sessions and the use of the B-2 head wearable at home, you can allow for a start package with a lesser number of sessions. We offer you a choice between 3 different B-2 start-up packages to accommodate your individual needs and time schedules.

Please contact us for further discussion to get a full overview of recommended possibilities before you make your final choice.


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