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Blessed by Brainwave Optimization


My son David is 23 years old and was diagnosed just before his 5th birthday with Asperger’s Syndrome. This was before anyone had heard of it, or knew much about autism. The diagnosis wasn’t even in the DSM IV when David was born in 1993.

He was the sweetest most beautiful little boy. His sister was beyond hyperactive, and so this quiet little soul was a contrast and a relief from the non-stop high speed little girl; who was only 18 months older.

He was brilliant. He potty trained himself promptly when he turned two. I was working with his sister, who was giving me a very hard time, angry that she had to share one moment of my attention with anyone else. One day, he disappeared. I walked into my bedroom looking for him and there he was sitting on the toilet, so tiny, he’d had to climb up on it. “Do you need any help?” I asked. “no” he replied and he never did. The daycare workers were astounded, and so was I.

David graduated from High School with honors, but suffered tremendously due to bullying on a regular basis that the school could not stop. This lead to a diagnosis of PTSD, which I now believe was originally triggered in Elementary School, when, following a meltdown, he was placed in a closet without windows or furniture and left there for hours, with no one responding to his screams. They did not call us to notify us of this imprisonment. I wrote a note explicitly informing them that they didn’t have my permission to enforce such torture and that if they had a problem with him, they could call myself or any number of other people who would come immediately, but they did it again the following week. I obviously pulled him out of the school. I didn’t sue them, but instead made them pay for an expert to develop an entire program specifically for him. Several other autistic kids on the leading edge of the epidemic ended up being a part of that program, as well.

The year after David graduated from high school, his step dad who had been with him for 17 years, passed away and I sent David to Houston to live with his Dad while I struggled to pull my own life together. In Houston, David became involved in Taekwondo. David has won gold medals 3 years in a row in patterns aka forms in Taekwondo at AAU Nationals under the new Samurai program, which is for special needs kids and young adults. He just won a silver and a bronze medal at the Junior Olympics. He has won other medals in sparring and board breaking, and has a wall of them from local and regional competitions, as well. It his desire and goal to participate in “regular classes” and not the Samurai classes at his school, which he has expressed for several years now. They have not allowed him to. He has come to visit me in Scottsdale, attended a high level school’s regular classes and performed exceptionally well. He has the capacity to do and be more and although the traumas experienced at school and in life had really set him back, Taekwondo, and now Brainwave Optimization, have helped him overcome much of that.

When he came in for Brainwave Optimization, his graphs from the initial evaluation showed that he was completely right side dominant.

After David’s first session, he was substantially more calm. After his second session, he is glowing and extremely relaxed, like the David I knew when he was 3, 4 and 5, before he experienced major life-changing traumas. His demeanor and energy were so much more relaxed, that I cried to see him become, once again, the happy boy I once knew, laughing and full of warmth. He had been sleeping for up to 12 hours a day, but he immediately returned to sleeping a restful 8 hours each night.

I never dreamed that his brain would move that fast because I was not aware that younger people’s brains move faster. To me, it’s a miracle.

He plans to take regular Taekwondo classes, pursue vocational training and get a job, so he can live as normal a life as possible. I am certain that he has the capacity to do so now that his PTSD symptoms have been relieved.

My son’s life has been blessed by Brainwave Optimization and the BRAINtellect 2, and by extension, so has mine.

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