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Horse with “hot stomach” Runs Tight Barrels after Equine Brainwave Optimization


Brain State Technologies’ Founder & CEO Lee Gerdes’ daughter is a horse lover. She’s also a Brainwave Optimization® enthusiast. When her horse “Amera” was stricken with colic, which is the second leading cause of death among horses, only surpassed by old age, and the Vets could not help, she decided to turn to what her Dad knows best. Brainwave Optimization, modified for her horse.

Lee tells the story:

Yep – it happened. And now we are sharing the word with you – horses love to have their brains balanced too. We really wanted to know – can we tweak Brainwave Optimization® (BWO) and make it usable for horses; creating a Horse Brainwave Optimization (HBWO)? The answer is a profound “YES” – the horse in the picture alleviated a long struggle with a digestive issue called “hot stomach” and then went on to outperform other horses in her class in barrel racing. Sweet.

Have you attempted whispering in the ear of a horse; telling them to relax? Could the horse attempt to raise a bar on a computer screen, or do certain breathing, or work on her consciousness for relaxation? Or, how about whispering to a horse that they should believe you – that this technology you are going to use on them will help them so they can be sure to have a “placebo” effect? If you tried any of those things – psychological counseling, consciousness/meditation, neurofeedback or biofeedback, breath training, or an inducement of belief to produce a placebo effect – do you believe that would work for you and the horse? Not likely.

It worked with Brainwave Optimization, which was specifically altered for horses, because there are no instructions that the horse needs to accomplish – there is no ability the horse must have – and there is no belief system the horse must adopt in order to change their own brain pattern to alleviate their discomfort. The horse’s own brain sends and receives information about itself and in that process is freed to achieve a more rhythmically balanced brain. The result was horse brainwave optimization – HBWO – healthy, fast, and happy as a horse could be. She even got into and out of her trailer without any fuss at all and she had no nervousness when she was put in a ring to race in front of noisy fans. Makes good horse sense, doesn’t it?

Maybe now it’s your turn? Be optimized with Brainwave Optimization® – healthy, fast, and happy – and improve your sleep as a baseline measure for well-being. Note that HBWO is not available anywhere yet so you won’t get the version used with horses. You won’t have to find a clinical psychologist for counseling, teach yourself to relax, go to an office for many hours and try to raise a bar on a computer screen, try to get your brain to change a sound, or be conscious of other things – BWO is not neurofeedback or consciousness training. And, you won’t even need to believe it – BWO is an acoustical mirror working directly with the brain – not a placebo dependent on something you believe.

You will need to find a Brainwave Optimization provider near you and schedule to have BWO sessions. I recommend, when you do that, you have an evaluation and 2 to 4 sessions as a “jump start” and then take home a Braintellect 2® (B-2) wearable which you use anytime in the future for yourself or for other family members whenever you want to help yourself to optimize in the comfort of your own home.

And, when you are finished with balancing your brain – THEN, you will be greatly and efficiently rewarded in your work with a therapist, in consciousness or meditation training, and learning to breathe more effectively. Then, with a balanced brain, you will be able to accomplish much of that which may have been difficult for you to incorporate into your life previously.

Check out www.brainwaveoptimization.com or www.braintellect.com or call 480-588-6840 to learn more today. Parties interested in investing in Equine Brainwave Optimization should contact Lee Gerdes at 480-588-6840.

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